Care Intellect LLP deals extensively with Patent laws in India. We provide assistance to domestic as well as foreign clients in conducting patent search, assisting in filing patent application (new application / PCT application / divisional application) and provide full assistance for grant of patents in India.

We also provide referral service to foreign clients for registration of patent in India. Our patent Attorneys have great deal of expertise in drafting patent licensing, patent assignment and patent security agreements. We also specialize in providing opinion on pharmaceutical patents. We also provide legal advice and opinion relating to infringement of patents. Care Intellect LLP represents its client in infringement cases. We assist clients in filing and prosecuting patent applications including pre-grant and post grant oppositions, revocations, and represent clients before the Appellate Tribunal. Our law firm has filed patent applications for many of international clients and has obtained patents for their inventions.

  • Registration of Patents.
  • Drafting of Specifications.
  • Filing of Annuities.
  • Preparing provisional and complete specification.
  • Filing of Indian and PCT applications.
  • Prosecution of Patent applications before the Indian Patent Office and WIPO.
  • Preparing of specifications and applications for filing at patent offices throughout the world in co-operation with our foreign associates.
  • Patentability, validity and infringement opinion.
  • Litigation: Opposition and cancellation.
  • Prosecution and defence of patent rights.
  • Licensing and transfer of technology.
  • Comprehensive searches for novelty, prior art, validity and infringement.


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